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Oct 19 2016

When Your CEO Comes Under Fire

Sadly, Wells Fargo’s CEO John Stumpf's resignation is only the latest in a laundry list of major company CEOs who have been forced out. Just in the last 2 years, we’ve seen:

Sep 07 2016

Dealing with the Constant Complainer

If you manage people long enough, it’s likely you’ll come across someone who constantly complains.  This is a person I know well. In addition to having a few of them work for me over years, I use to be one.


Aug 02 2016

Are You Still Using a Rating System?

It never ceases to amaze me how many companies are still using rating and ranking systems. Consultancy firm Aon Hewitt found that 90% of 880 surveyed tech employers in a recent survey used performance rating.

Jul 25 2016

Should I Take My Solopreneurship to the Next Level?

This is the 3rd and final in a series from guest blogger, Jessica Fox, on her life as a solopreneur

When I’ve had to say ‘no’ to a project because of my existing work queue, it’s like a knife in the heart.  In those moments, I toy with the idea of contracting another writer’s help.

Jul 11 2016

5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Being A Solopreneur

This is the second in a series from guest blogger, Jessica Fox, on the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship.

When I started out as a freelance writer, it was partially by accident.Growing up and all through college (where I majored in communication), I’d written stories and journaled regularly.


Jun 30 2016

My Life as a Solo-preneur

This is the first in a series from guest blogger, Jessica Fox, on the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship.

There are pros and cons to just about every job, but being self-employed is pretty awesome.  I’ve been a freelance writer for several years (and before that a boutique owner), so I’m accustomed to the constant fear of being without income. 


Jun 20 2016

What if Your Company has a Tenure System?

Would you stay, or would you go? Tenure is a century old system that was initially designed to protect teachers from arbitrary dismissal, like getting pregnant, getting married or even wearing slacks.


May 09 2016

It's Time to Get Rid of the Stigma

May is National Mental Health Awareness month.  In August of 2012, I wrote a blog about reducing the stigma around mental health in the workplace. Then again in 2013, I wrote about mental health training in the workplace. I’d love to tell you that since that time, stigma has been reduced and suicide rates are down.