January 2014

Jan 30 2014

When Consensus Management is No longer an Option

I think every manager and leader can relate to President Obama’s latest strategy as outlined in his State of the Union address the other night. He feels he’s tried to lead by consensus and tried to meet the needs of the majority of Congress, but he’s throwing up his hands and saying, “I’m done.”  Haven’t we all felt a little like that sometimes?

Jan 22 2014

The Importance of Reining in Your Emotions

After the recent AFC Championship game, I  bet Richard Sherman, the Seahawk’s cornerback, wishes his interview with Erin Andrews went viral for a different reason than what the media is calling his “trash talk”.  In fact, if you read anything about Mr. Sherman, you see that he’s a pretty smart guy who’s accomplished some amazing things.  So why do smart people end up doing such stupid things?

Jan 16 2014

5 Simple Truths About Power Selling

I recently read an excellent book on value selling by Jim Holden and Ryan Kubacki, titled The New Power Based Selling.  In my former life as a sales manager, I attended numerous classes on consultative selling, but this book was a great reminder of some simple truths when it comes to being a top-performing salesperson.No matter how much experience you have or what product or service you sell, I have found the  following statement to be true:




Jan 08 2014

Why Training Should be for Everyone

In my 20+ years of management, there was one consistent and frequent complaint from my staff and it centered on training that went something like;  “ why can’t I go to that class?  Or “ why won’t the company pay for all of my college credits?” The simple truth is that no matter how old or experienced you are, people want to learn.

Jan 02 2014

Resolution #1- Stop What You’re Doing

I’m guessing that if you’re back to work today, you’re trying to get yourself organized for the New Year. You’re cleaning up emails, going through your snail mail, and answering voice mails. Stop focusing on you and your world and start thinking about your team. You’re a manager and leader and your direct reports should always come first.