June 2013

Jun 25 2013

Would You Have Fired Paula Deen?

Do you know someone who’s been fired? I don’t mean laid off or downsized out, but really fired? If you have, it’s likely they didn’t have to face the scrutiny that both Paula Deen and the Food Network have recently faced. If the Food Network had anticipated the sheer volume of negative feedback they’ve received, do you think they would have still fired Deen?

Jun 19 2013

Being a Good Judge of People Isn’t Always Enough

I had to smile when I read the recent article in Harvard Business Review by Anthony Tjan, CEO of venture firm, Cue Ball. It totally validated what I’ve been saying for years. You can use all the testing and behavior based interviews you want, but being a good judge of people goes a long way to making the right hiring decisions. 


Jun 12 2013

6 More Ways to Motivate Without Money

Back in November, I wrote a blog on 6 Ways to motivate without money.    It received a great response so thought I’d provide a few more examples of ways to help engage and motivate your team without money. Let’s face it, the economy isn’t that much better.

Jun 06 2013

4 Keys to Effective Negotiations

When I first became a commercial lender, one of my jobs was to negotiate loan documents.  Thinking back, what were they thinking?  I had no idea what I was doing. Attorneys only advise, I quickly learned, they don’t make decisions for you. Over the years, I finally received some training, plus had to negotiate many salaries as well as documents. Here’s what I learned: