June 2012

Jun 27 2012

5 Essentials for Any Team Building

I just spent a week cycling through Denmark.  Besides being a great trip, what struck me was how quickly our group of twelve diverse people became a team.  So how did the tour guides get everyone to gel?



Jun 25 2012

Are We Making Progress Balancing Work And Life?

A friend posted the article from The Atlantic Monthly by Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter, Why Women Still Can’t Have It All on Facebook and told me that I really should read it. I will admit to being an avid reader of opinion and research on the subject of work life balance, and I will also admit my friend was right – this one is worth reading.

This particular friend is expecting her first child, while my first child just graduated from high school, but this underscores the fact that the issue of balance spans your entire work life. It doesn't just span a woman’s career, but it also spans a man’s, whether or not you are a parent. The fact that this is still considered a female problem demonstrates the greatest lack of progress in the dialogue around work life balance.

Jun 21 2012

The 5 Biggest Mistakes I Made as New Manager

Nobody becomes a manager without a few stumbles.  It’s not like you get management training, and then get promoted. That would make too much sense.  No, better to throw you in the deep end and see if you can swim.



Jun 19 2012

Make Sure To Vacate When You Vacation

va·ca·tion: a scheduled period during which activity is suspended

My name is Cindy and I’m a recovering “crackberry” addict. Before I went into recovery, my blackberry was never away from my side. Every vacation, every weekend, I had to keep a constant eye on the device and it’s relentless messaging or I’d start shaking. Sound familiar?

Jun 15 2012

Don't Understand? Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Jamie Dimon is in the hot seat. Between the trading losses and his recent testimony before the Senate Banking Committee, he’s in every newspaper and broadcast. He even has a Harvard professor speculating on "How Could He Miss That?", as it relates to the $2 billion+ loss.  I’m not sure it’s as complicated as Professor Bazerman writes.


Jun 11 2012

Managing in an Environment of Full Disclosure

Wouldn’t you like to work for a company called Namaste Solar?  I envision employees in a constant state of peace and contentment. At Namaste Solar, they have full salary disclosure and an egalitarian voting system. That’s blasphemy in corporate America, but let’s think about what might happen.


Jun 06 2012

Are You Setting Your Salespeople Up for Failure?

Ever wonder how top salespeople become top salespeople? Are they just gifted or were they given advantages from the start? As managers, do we pre-determine success by how we dole out leads, territories or clients? What comes first, the opportunity or the success?