Mar 26 2014

20% of Your Employees are Looking for a Job

That’s right, according to a recent survey by CareerBuilders, one in five workers plan to change jobs in 2014.  You might want to rationalize that new post recession opportunities are spurring their hunt, but you’d be wrong. The real reason your employees are looking is they just aren’t happy. I can almost hear “duh” in the background.  The survey indicated that less than 60% of workers are satisfied with their jobs. Almost 20% of the workers are dissatisfied and these are the folks who are likely to leave.

Mar 06 2014

Do You Have a Job or a Mission?

What’s the real reason you get up and go to work everyday, other than getting paid? Do you feel like you’re just putting in time or do you leave everyday feeling like you’ve contributed to something meaningful? If it’s the former then you probably don’t have the highest level of job satisfaction.


Jan 02 2014

Resolution #1- Stop What You’re Doing

I’m guessing that if you’re back to work today, you’re trying to get yourself organized for the New Year. You’re cleaning up emails, going through your snail mail, and answering voice mails. Stop focusing on you and your world and start thinking about your team. You’re a manager and leader and your direct reports should always come first.

Jun 12 2013

6 More Ways to Motivate Without Money

Back in November, I wrote a blog on 6 Ways to motivate without money.    It received a great response so thought I’d provide a few more examples of ways to help engage and motivate your team without money. Let’s face it, the economy isn’t that much better.

Apr 09 2013

3 Reasons Private Companies Need to be Transparent

Over the years, I worked with a lot of small, privately owned companies.  After awhile, you get a sense of the companies that seem to get it right and the ones that never do.  Of course, much goes into making a successful company, but I would argue that the culture is at the top of the list. 

Mar 27 2013

What CEOs Don’t Understand About Telecommuting

First it was Yahoo, now Zappo’s CEO, Tony Hsieh has stated "we don't really telecommute" and is investing  $350 million on a new Las Vegas Office building to prove it.  These CEOs and executive’s use phrases like ” building relationships”, “improving communications and collaboration”. But does this really happen when you force people back in the office?

Feb 26 2013

The Problem with Yahoo’s Telecommuting Decision

The recent announcement from Yahoo to force telecommuters back to the office comes on the heels of Bank of America’s announcement in December to limit it's "My Work" flex schedules.  This is a disturbing trend at a time when employees are asking for more and more flexibility and work-life balance.