Nov 20 2013

Should You Fire or Coach a Poor Performer?

I think many managers try to coach poor performers, especially new managers. If you think about it, professional sports may be the only place where one bad season can cost you your job.   In January of this year alone, twelve coaches and general managers were fired and that was just in the NFL. Even crack smoking mayors like Rob Ford seem to keep their job long past their expiration date.



Sep 04 2013

Freshening Up the Stale Performance Appraisal

Here’s a shocker- half of employees think their performance appraisals are inaccurate and over half feel they don’t motivate performance.  What we've always known has finally been validated by a study completed by Globoforce Consulting. As a manager, I hated completing the “annual” review. They were a boatload of work and were rarely an accurate reflection of performance because:

Apr 02 2013

Bad Employees Never Quit!

I had to laugh when I read the recent article in the WSJ that validated what I learned years ago.  Bad employees are happy employees. In over 40% of the companies they surveyed, low performers were found to be more engaged and enjoyed working for their companies more than middle and high performers.  Why wouldn’t they be?

Feb 21 2013

3 Ways to Make Your Year-End Assessments Like the Oscars

My friends know that I’m a tad obsessed about all things entertainment.  I subscribe to the quasi-legitimate People and Us, and the very legitimate Entertainment Weekly. So come Academy Award time, like this weekend, I’m in my element.  It got me thinking, why don’t managers assess and reward people like the Oscars do?

Dec 21 2012

New Year’s Resolution # 1- Get Rid of the Annual Appraisal!

If you’re like most people, you’re already thinking about resolutions for next year. Let me suggest one for you. Stop using an annual or semi-annual appraisal.  If you can’t deliver feedback in real time, what’s the point?

Nov 15 2012

7 Things You Should Never Say When You Fire Someone

Unfortunately, I’ve had my fair share of having to let people go. You can call it firing or downsizing, but it’s basically the same thing. You’re ending someone’s livelihood. Today’s WSJ had an article on The Best Ways to Fire Someone with some solid tips. But it didn’t go far enough.  There are some things you want to make sure you never say when you have to cut the cord.

Sep 18 2012

Can We Finally Get Rid of Annual Performance Appraisals?

The HR blog, Fistful of Talent, recently opined about the archaic exercise of the annual performance review.  I honestly don’t know anyone who likes them. Not the person having to complete them and certainly not the people receiving them.  Can’t we just all find a way to bury them for good?