Mar 22 2015

Negativity At The Office…We Can’t Blame It On The Weather

It’s not your imagination…the bad weather a third of the country experienced this winter put everyone a little on edge.  To endure the amount of snow that fell in Boston without one grumpy day would take a particularly happy saint.  

Oct 23 2014

4 Ways to Make Feedback Easy

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been hearing a common refrain from the folks I’ve met: “I never receive any feedback”.  To the rank & file, they find it frustrating as they want to move up and are not sure how orwhat they need to do to achieve their goals.


Feb 19 2014

5 Tips for Dealing with a Toxic Leader

Several years ago, I invited Dr. George Reed, an expert on Toxic Leadership to one of my leadership meetings. Not surprisingly, when he asked the group how many people had worked for a toxic leader, at least half the room raised their hand, including me.Dr. Reed defines toxic leadership as:



Sep 04 2013

Freshening Up the Stale Performance Appraisal

Here’s a shocker- half of employees think their performance appraisals are inaccurate and over half feel they don’t motivate performance.  What we've always known has finally been validated by a study completed by Globoforce Consulting. As a manager, I hated completing the “annual” review. They were a boatload of work and were rarely an accurate reflection of performance because:

Dec 21 2012

New Year’s Resolution # 1- Get Rid of the Annual Appraisal!

If you’re like most people, you’re already thinking about resolutions for next year. Let me suggest one for you. Stop using an annual or semi-annual appraisal.  If you can’t deliver feedback in real time, what’s the point?

Dec 06 2012

Helping Hiring Managers to Do the Right Thing

Question: I’m a recent college graduate who has been interviewing for jobs since May. I understand it’s a tough time to be looking but that’s not my issue.  My question is, how come I never hear back from them after an interview, even when I’ve had more than one? I send them emails and call, but they go radio silent. How can I improve my chances of getting hired, if I never know what the issues are?

Oct 09 2012

Managing Personality Conflicts

I’ll admit it. I worked with people I really disliked.  It took years, but I managed to find a way to put my personal feelings aside, find some common ground and move forward.  But if you’re the one that has to manage the people that can’t stand each other, you just want to scream, “Can’t we all just get along?” Since that rarely works, try something different.